How to freshen up your coated deck without re-coating.

Sometimes your coated deck might need a freshen up, but if it’s still beading water on the surface, there’s potentially no need to recoat just yet.

There could be an easier way.

Cabot’s Everyday Deck Wash is specially formulated to wash your timber decking. Think of it as your everyday maintenance solution. Deck Wash is perfect for removing light stains or bird droppings from your deck, while keeping your existing coating in good condition.

Often we’re asked if you can just use Cabot’s Deck Clean as your everyday maintenance solution. We would not recommend using Deck Clean for everyday washing. Deck Clean is Oxalic acid based, and is specially designed to prepare your deck for coating. It is unnecessarily harsh for general everyday cleaning, as you will need to protect plants, paintwork and metal surfaces when using it.

If the coating on your deck has weathered away, and you’ve noticed it soaking in water, it’s too late for Deck Wash, and it’s time for Deck Clean and a maintenance coat.

Click here to read about applying a maintenance coat.

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