What is the Cabot’s Signature Range?

Shopping for decking products can be a daunting process. The same goes for applying them!

The Cabot’s Signature Range is designed to make life as easy as possible when decking day rolls around.

Here’s a quick reference guide:

Deck Hand Bucket: The easy way to prepare and coat your deck. Flip the ‘dab-pad’ down to open up the bucket for your Deck Clean mix, flip it back up to dab off your applicator to avoid unsightly drips while applying your decking oil. The bucket comfortably holds 10L of product, and even has a hole for your boot so you can slide it across the deck easily. Why would you even consider using a roller tray!?

Cabot’s Deck Prep: Prepare the deck with our #1 scrubbing head. To save on space in the shed, the Deck Prep head clips onto the same pole as your Deck Coat Applicator. Simply clip it on and get prepping! The yellow bristles are there for liquid carrying, and the thick black bristles are there for the hard scrubbing. Don’t forget to flip down the squeegee head when you’re done prepping to remove pooled water from the deck. Hot tip: Squeegee in a diagonal direction to your decking so the water goes down the gaps in your deck!

Deck Coat Applicator: This is your top of the range, maximum convenience applicator for your deck. The swivel head makes it easy to coat and move it around, and we built it with a slide-on pad so you don’t have to deal with frustrating draw strings or mess! Cheap applicators will do the job once, this applicator will do it year on year (just replace the sleeve!).

Cabot’s Deck Sleeve: This is the sleeve specially designed for your Deck Coat Applicator. Come decking time, simply pick up another one of these along with your decking oil of choice and you’re ready for decking success.

We’ve done the hard work with our application accessories, to take the hard work out of coating your deck. Head in store today and ask for a demonstration of the full Signature Range.

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