What to coat Jarrah timber with….

Jarrah is a native Australian hardwood species – famous for its rich red colour. It is hugely popular in Western Australia and is used throughout people’s homes, for both decking and flooring.

You need to weather your Jarrah before coating – To find out more about weathering, click here.

To coat your Jarrah, you’ve got a few options. We’d recommended a decking oil.

Decking oils:

There are two types of decking oils available on the market – water based and oil based

Water base decking oils:  last longer as the product penetrates into the timber while also forming a thin protective layer on top. Water based decking oils represent newer technology than Oil based decking oils. Furthermore, water based oils allow you to do the deck in a day, with significantly shorter drying times than Oil based.

Oil based decking oils: Simply penetrate into the wood, providing a rich, old-school look.

Let’s look at your options for an oil:

  • Cabot's Aquadeck is a highly durable, water based, low odour decking oil that is designed to provide exceptional durability to all exterior surfaces. Aquadeck has a fast recoat time and provides a semi-transparent yet beautiful natural finish.
  • Cabot's Natural Decking Oil is a penetrating oil that nourishes and protects the timber, providing a semi-transparent matt finish. Not only does it provide UV protection, it is water repellent and dirt and mould resistant.


Once you’ve decided on your oil style – pick the colour that you like best! For Jarrah timber, the most popular colour choice is Jarrah. This particular tint of our decking oils compliments the natural red of Jarrah timber, bringing out that natural beauty.

See in store for samples. Our Decking Oils come in a suite of colours to fit all tastes.

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