What to coat Treated Pine timber with…

 Treated Pine offers great value for timber decking. It has lots of character and, with the right stain, takes on a beautiful, rich appearance.

You need to weather your Treated Pine before coating – To find out more about weathering, click here. However, if your timber supplier has specific preparation instructions, then follow those.

Why use a stain?

Deck staining offers two important benefits – it changes the colour and look of your timber and it also increases the life of it by providing a high level of UV protection. If you want to change the colour of your timber, staining is a great way to do this. By staining your deck, you can achieve a variety of different colours, for example, you can transform a light coloured Treated Pine deck to look like a Merbau deck. However it is important to note, if you already love the look of your deck, then please don’t use a stain as it will completely cover the grain due to the high pigment.

To ensure you get the best staining result, use:

Cabot’s Deck and Exterior Stain: a highly durable stain, designed to rejuvenate and transform the colour of all exterior timber. This exterior stain delivers a long lasting, beautiful result and is available in a range of great colours.

It’s available in Water Based and Oil Based versions.

Water Based: If you want durability, longevity and your deck done in a day

Oil Based: If you want that classic, rich stained look.


Once you’ve decided on your stain version – pick the colour that you like best! For Treated Pine timber, the most popular colour is Merbau. Our Decking Stains come in a suite of colours to fit all tastes. See in store for samples.















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