Where’s my Clear & Colourless Decking Oil?

It’s a common frustration when it comes to selecting that perfect finish for your new deck. Customers love the look of their new, bare timber deck – and want to preserve that look by oiling it. The request for a clear & colourless decking oil is very common, and often the reason as to why we don’t have one in our range gets lost, leaving customers without an answer to what is quite a good question!

Here are some of the common questions about why all our exterior decking oils have pigment in them, and why clear & colourless decking oils don’t exist (yet!).

Q: I just want a clear & colourless decking oil for my new deck. Why are all the oils on the market tinted?

A: The reason all exterior decking oils have pigment in them, is due to the pigment/colour being the component of the oil which provides the protection from Australia’s harsh UV (Ultra Violet radiation).  Screening out UV helps to protect the timber surface, and prevent degradation. Bare timber left in the sun will go grey and eventually cup, crack and splinter.

Generally,  people want their timber to be protected and retain its original colour. As a result, all our decking oils are designed to complement the colour of a specific timber species, while offering protection and durability.  

Q: Why doesn’t Cabot’s have a clear & colourless decking oil?

A: A clear & colourless decking oil would provide no protection against UV degradation. No protection from UV will mean the timber will go grey within months and begin to degrade. The longer a coating can screen out UV, the longer it will hold onto its water protection and wear resistance.

The Exterior Clear offered by Cabot’s is a film building coating that was designed for non-walk on surfaces. A key point of difference between any exterior clears and decking oils is that exterior clears needs to be sanded off completely back to bare timber if the coating fails, as opposed to decking oils, which simply need a wash and re-coat.

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