Why is my timber finish staining my concrete? Is the oil or stain coming off?

This is a common concern. You’ve just coated your new (usually Merbau) deck, cladding or outdoor furniture with a stain or an oil. You’ve followed label instructions and the coating has fully dried. Days, weeks or even months later, an exceptional amount of rain pours down, and all of a sudden there is a brown residue on surrounding concrete or tiles.

This is not the oil or stain that has been applied bleeding off the timber.

Once a coating has fully dried, no amount of moisture or rain will ever ‘re-wet’ the coating.

These stains come from the rain reaching areas that are not coated, leaching out the tannins from the timber.

When the rain gets to these areas, it pulls out the tannins, allowing them into drip onto the surface below, potentially causing unsightly stains.

The good news is, tannin is water soluble, and in most cases, water and a good scrub can remove these stains. We do not recommend using Cabot’s Deck Clean, as it may react with the concrete, render or pavers causing another discolouration. This discolouration would be much harder to remove.

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